So I was on a one day, rotating strike today. Long story short, our provincial government threw a major wrench into our contract negotiations with the school boards.

Anyways, it was kind of heartening today to be out on the picket line and get lots of honks of support, especially since we didn't get any boos, at least at my location. Admittedly, a good proportion of the honks came from other unionized workers: postal workers, municipal workers, and Bell telephone for example. Especially nice was the some firefighters who bought us coffee, hot chocolate and timbits. Unfortunately right after they put in the order with the Timmies across the street they got called away, so we never got a chance to properly thank them, they just dashed over, told us everything was paid for and we could pick it up.

Our principal and VPs also came out to the line and presented us with a Timmies gift card and even walked the line for a little while.