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Saga of the Annoying Inlaws Continues

So my Annoying BiL called Mr. Ivriniel today with some news. Apparently my ABiL has been told to bring his Union Rep to a meeting next week with his HR director, and manager. ABiL says he has no idea why he is being called to this meeting.

I talked to my Other Sister in Law today, who works in the same field as ABiL (nursing). Apparently ABiL has been telling her all about how great it is to be on night shift, because he can sleep on the job.


He tells her how sorry he feels for her that she works day shift, and how she should try to get on the night shift.

What makes this particularly gobsmacking is that he was fired from a previous job for sleeping on the job. At yet another job, he was taken off overnight shifts until he got his sleep issues under control (and got fired from that job before he ever resolved that issue.).

We don't know if that is why management is asking for the meeting, but I am just stunned that apparently he has so cavalier about his job, and learned nothing from his two previous firings. But then again, we're talking about a guy who had nearly 20 jobs in 10 years (And a year where he didn't work is included in that 10 year span.), so maybe I shouldn't be surprised at his inability to learn from his mistakes.

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