One day before we were married, I was over at Mr. Ivriniel's house, working in the garden. It was a nice day, and Mr. I let Mr. I's cat come out with me. He was mostly an indoor cat, but he liked being in the backyard as long as people were outside.

Well, I finished what was doing, and wanted to go back in, but the cat … » 4/18/14 3:37pm Friday 3:37pm

In 1792, a Tornado touched down in the Niagara peninsula in Ontario, Canada. It ripped a swath through the forest around the time that Europeans were first settling in the area. The path of the Tornado became the basis for a street, still called "Hurricane Road" even today. » 4/18/14 2:40pm Friday 2:40pm

"No [laughs]. I don't give off that vibe. I think that you court that stuff,"

So when Shirley Temple walked into an office to meet with a studio executive on her own and he was sitting there completely naked, she was "courting" it?

(Luckily for Shirley Temple, apparently she thought he looked so absurd sitting there naked… » 4/18/14 1:40pm Friday 1:40pm