One is also left wondering how the women of the IDF feel about this. Israel has mandatory military service for women as well as men, but the quotes from the Facebook page's creator only talks about raising the morale of the men and about how beautiful Israeli women are. » 7/25/14 9:46am Today 9:46am

For some reason, this reminds me of one of the more WTF things my FiL says. According to him, feminists always pass food dishes around the table counterclockwise. I don't know where he gets this from, but he is really anal about passing things clockwise, and Mr. I's sister could never remember which way to go. He… » 7/24/14 8:28pm Yesterday 8:28pm

Reminds me of the time we had a temporary caretaker at my old school. The school had an empty aquarium, and he filled it and put a large fish in it. I don't know what it was, but it wasn't a goldfish.

Then one day he never came into work. No one heard from him again. The head caretaker said his phone was… » 7/24/14 3:40pm Yesterday 3:40pm

"Mind you, considering that the entire planet was invaded by a whole bunch of very similar looking silver guys roughly 5 or 6 years ago, you'd think humanity would be a little more wary about potential alien threats."

No one remembers that since Amy reset the Universe. » 7/23/14 9:02am Wednesday 9:02am

Lego Washing up on Beaches in Southwest England

In 1997, 62 shipping containers including one full of nearly 5 million pieces of Lego were washed overboard off the coast of Southwest England. Ever since, people have been finding lego pieces on the beach. One local resident has started a Facebook page for people to record their discoveries.

Ironically, a good part… » 7/23/14 8:59am Wednesday 8:59am

"In the American democracy to be servile is incompatible with citizenship. Every tip given in the United States is a blow at our experiment in democracy. The custom announces to the world…that we do not believe practically that "all men are created equal."" » 7/21/14 11:09am Monday 11:09am